New ANNONCMENTS this week, several of which get their own webpage, go check out the new areas: 

-Our venue is the Chattanoogan Hotel 

Daily Schedule 

Middle School Page System 

Alumni Staff Applications

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our media team!


-Now on box 7 of the advisor page, assign your delegates!

Country assignments for the first round of registration have been returned. Make sure your club meets to start working on position papers! 

Late Registration is now open and will be available until 10/13. This is the last chance for schools to register and select from the remaining countries!

-Announcing the Page system at ALTMUN HS 23. New opportunity for middle school students


-Now on box 3 of the delegate page, getting assignments. It’s almost time for research! 

Country assignments for Schools that registered before 9/16 are now published. Check-in with your advisors now. Start researching and planning your position and resolution papers!

-The Daily Schedule has been released, found on the new tab of the high school section.