ALTMUN MS Preparation Timeline

ALTMUN Middle School Conference | MARCH 1st 2024 | Chattanooga, TN

This page should be used as the Club Advisor cheat sheet as it is the most reliable source of information. If you follow this timeline you should be prepared, informed and on time through out the conference preparation phase. Scroll down to view all our extra tips on hosting a successful club.

1. Review the Country and Committee List

This year we have a list of thirty five countries available for the middle school conference. Please take a look, talk to your students and make a list of their top 12 country choices. Be ready to submit preferences when you register with myDais.

We have added two new specialized committees, an introductory committee (UNEP) for the brand new and intimidated delegate. As well as an advanced committee (Legal) for the delegate ready to experience a committee most similar to the high school level. Make sure to pay attention this distinction when your delegates are selecting committees. Click on the button below to view the full committee list.

2. Sign up for myDais and create a School Profile

This year, due to the closing of MUN Manager, we will be using a new online system. We will use myDais for registration, document upload and more. Click on the button below for a step by step guide on creating a new account and logging in. Then you will be able to invite advisors/chaperones/delegates. Next follow the guide on creating a new school. Both of these steps are required before you can register for the conference and submit your country preference list. You'll have to do the steps before you can register.

3. Register for ALTMUN!

Registration is open Feb 2nd - 22nd! Using your myDais account, search for our conference and submit your registration! This is when you will need that list of your top 12 country choices. You will have a over a 2 week window to register for the conference. Unfortunately, while myDais does not provide automatic country assignments, we still do our best to honor "first come first serve." Therefore, those who register first are more likely to get their top country choices. Countries will be assigned shortly after submission of your preferences. Once your school has been assigned countries, let your delegates know quickly!

4. Assign Your Delegates

Now that your school has been assigned countries, you need to assign your delegates to their committees. Remember that two of our committees are special (UNEP=Introductory, Legal=Advanced). Once you have assigned the delegates both a country and a committee you need to update us! Add your delegates and fill those committee slots on myDais. We encourage you to fill all available seats. I suggest keeping up with this information on a spreadsheet like the one below. Don't take too long to do this step! Otherwise you will shorten the amount of time your delegates have to research and write their papers.

5. Topic Guides, Research and Writing

The next step for your delegates is to read the Topic Guide for their assigned committee. Our Staff work hard preparing these documents and they are imperative for a delegate's success. Next students can start researching the topic and their assigned country's position. With this knowledge they will write Position Papers (PP) and List of Possible Solutions (LoPS) for the topic. *The advanced committee Legal, will not write LoPS but a Resolution instead.

6. Delegate Form and Advisor

We need parents to be involved in providing a media release for delegates, as well as collecting their names and assignments for name tags. Please tell your students to submit their Delegate Form with their parents at the link below. The from can also be found on the "Delegates" page of the ALTMUN website under the tab "Middle School Conference."

Fill out the Advisors Form below so we will know who's coming and have name tags ready for them! Both Due by Feb 22nd.

7. Document Upload

It is the responsibility of the club and the advisor to ensure there is no inappropriate content in these documents such as profanity, unnecessary foreign language or hate speech. Documents are to be reviewed and uploaded to myDais by Feb 28th. Each student should have one PP and one LoPS. **Delegates in Legal, the advanced committee, should have one PP and one Resolution.

8. Send your Payment

Delegate fees will be $35 per student, with lunch included! We will have box lunches with sandwiches, a snack and a drink. Sandwich options include turkey, ham, and vegetarian. Our preferred method of payment is via check in the mail. However we can also take a credit card over the phone. All payments will go through Chattanooga State Community College, our professional partner. Payments are due March 1st.


Make a Club Group Chat

IMPORTANT! We recommend that you create a group chat for all the students in your club. Sometimes there is time sensitive information that can't wait for your next meeting to occur. With a group chat you can more easily communicate with your students and even send polls. Head Delegates or Club Officers can help send reminders about deadlines and club meetings.

Conference Dress Code

The dress code at ALTMUN is Western Business Attire (WBA). Make sure your delegates know what the means. The following garments fall outside of WBA and should NOT be worn: strapless, spaghetti strap, or deep cut shirts, jeans, gym shoes, shorts, mini skirts or mini dresses. WBA for men is typically at least slacks, a button down and a sports coat. WBA for women can be less clear, so to help out, here is a handy guide.

Host Club Meetings

While every club is different, we recommend meeting at least twice a month. Those deadlines can sneak up, so meeting regularly helps stay on track. If you do not have club meetings, you must have some other form of communication with your delegates, like a group chat. Otherwise you will need to know their preferences and have no way of collecting them.

Host Mock Debates

Parliamentary Procedure is the set of rules that provide structure during debate. Have your delegates take some time to review our Parli Pro Short Sheets, or make your Head Delegate teach it! Club mock debates are a great way for delegates to learn parli pro and practice these skills! It can also help new students get a feel for Model UN.

Check the Docket

Have your delegates print out the papers they wrote in preparation for the conference. It is very helpful for students to have these documents with them in person at the conference!