Middle School Conference

We are excited to announce our second middle school conference in Chattanooga! On Friday, March 1st we are holding a one-day conference that is highly focused on the introduction of Model United Nation to new students. It will be conducted in a teaching style that has a gradual build of information and skills. The experiences middle school MUN delegate is welcome to attend with the mindset and purpose of helping others learn.  

Registration Timeline

02/02 – Registration and Country Selection Opens at 4 PM EST

02/22 – Deadline to Complete Delegate Form 

02/22 – Registration Closes  

02/28 – Deadline for Document Upload

03/01 – Conference! (Fees Due) 


One-day Conference 8:45 am to 5:45 pm EST 

at Chattanooga State Community College, OMN Building

Delegate Fee – $35 per student, lunch included

Registration through MyDais and Google Forms

Review our Delegate Page and Advisor Page for more details!


A foundation of our Middle School conference is to be a teaching event, one that offers Model UN in an approachable format even to the terrified first year delegate. This year we have expanded upon our previous committee structure. We added two new specialized committees at different skill levels, introductory and advanced. In this change we hope to offer a wider range of experiences to our delegates and be a stepping stone for their MUN career. Please read the descriptions below to understand the significance of this change. 


Delegate Prep Work: Position Paper (PP) and List of Possible Solutions (LoPS)

Conference Experience: This committee is best for a first year delegate or someone that is unfamiliar with the format of Model UN conferences. In this committee, delegates will begin by casually learning the mechanics of debate through a slightly less serious mock debate. There will be additional support from high school staff to help these delegates find their voice before going into formal debate. Surrounded by similarly new or timid delegates, this committee offers a great environment for those who are still a little “on the fence” about Model UN.


Delegate Prep Work: PP and LoPS

Conference Experience: These committees are our conference standard with all skill levels welcome! In this committee, delegates will begin learning the mechanics of debate through the low-stakes environment of a mock debate. Then high school staff will guide them into formal debate and provide continuous support as delegates begin applying these parli pro and debate skills. Once in formal debate, high school staff will then also teach delegates about writing and introducing resolutions (the high school equivalent of LoPS).


Delegate Prep Work: PP and Resolution 

Conference Experience: This committee is for the delegate who is ready to elevate their experience. The topic in this committee is a little more challenging than the others and may require more research. Instead of writing a List of Possible Solutions (LoPS) like the other committees, Legal delegates will prepare resolutions (the high school standard) ahead of the conference. At the conference they will still start with a mock debate but will spend less time on teaching the fundamentals of parliamentary procedures. This committee will have a docket, in which some pre-written resolutions will be selected to start the debate. This committee most closely resembles our high school experience and will surely prepare them for the next conference in the ALTMUN system.