Staff Positions and Application


Special Call for DPC Applicants

-Needed Urgently-

last call for applicants Dec. 9th at 6:00 pm

General Application closed Nov.27th.

1. Review the Application Guide

Please take time to review this guide. It provides detailed explanations of each role, the staff calendar and the required supplemental forms. As part of the application you will need to respond to several essay prompts which are included in the guide.

2. Create a Portfolio

Create a portfolio digital folder of any previous graphic design, social media posts or account management, website, photo, video, or audio work. You will need a shareable the link to this folder, a google drive folder for example.

3. Write your Essays and Submit

Please have your essays written and saved as .doc or .pdf files prior to beginning the application below. Thank you for applying to be part of the 2024 ALTMUN Staff!

Secretariat Positions

The Secretariat are the peer leaders. They manage the rest of the staff and guide them through their work throughout the year. 


Secretary General

Leader in the Secretariat and Staff Leadership. The SecGen is also the bridge between the Staff and the Board.


Director General

Leader in Topic Selection and Writing.


Deputy Secretary General

Leader in Conference Planning and Logistics


Under Secretary General

Leader in Staff Management of the Chairs.


DPC Editor in Chief

Leader of the DPC Managers.

Staff Positions

The Staff is responsible for creating the content of the conference. The roles of DPC Managers can range from social media post, website updates, informative guides and videos and more. The Chairs are responsible for proposing viable topics and writing of the Topic Guides for each of their committees. 

DPC Manager

Social Media and Graphic Design

Graphic Content Creation and Social Media Management

DPC Manager

Website and Journalism

Manager of the Website and Journalistic DPC Content

DPC Manager

Photo and Video

Photography and Videography Management


Committee Chair

Researches topics, writes topic guide, learns parliamentary procedure and chairs a committee.


Potential 2024 Committees