2023 High School Conference

Registration Timeline

2024 Timeline Coming Soon

at the Chattanoogan Hotel

Aug. 21st

Review the “Country Matrix” so you know the distribution of committees for each country

Sep. 3rd

Any delegate interested in being part of the “Digital Press Corps” ALTMUN’s media content team should consider applying!

Sep. 6th-7th noon to noon

Submit your Security Council Request Form during the 24 hour window

Sep. 8th

SecCo Country Assignments Returned

We will return SecCo country assignments to those who requested them

Sep. 11th

[Must also submit Country Preference List]. Use your myDais account to register for ALTMUN,  countries will be assigned based on the time of registration

Sep. 15th

Registration Window Closes at 6 pm

Make sure to register before the window closes to be part of the country assignments 

Sep. 18th -
Oct. 13th

Late Registration Window

One more chance for schools to register for ALTMUN and select from remaining countries

Oct. 4th

Country Fee $65 each, Delegate Fee, $130 per student

Oct. 20th

This is the last day to reserve your rooms out of our block with a fixed rate of $169 per night.
Venue: The Chattanoogan Hotel 

Oct. 27th

Upload onto myDais, Papers must be reviewed by Advisor or Head Delegate and approved for content

Oct. 30th

Students must submit a Delegate Form. Head Advisor  to invite all attending advisors or chaperones to myDais

Nov. 1st

Will be found on the committees page

Nov. 3rd

For Schools who registered after Sep. 29th. Country Fee $65 each, Delegate Fee, $130 per student

Nov. 11th -Nov. 13th


We will see you there!

exclamation mark, warning, danger-98739.jpg

MUN Manager, the previous registration platform for ALTMUN, has shut down and the service will not be available this fall. We have found an alternative, myDais which is now functioning. However, the system works in a very different way and has forced some changes to our registration process.