2023's HS Preparation Timeline

ALTMUN High School Conference | Chattanooga, TN

This page should be used as the Delegate Hand Book. If you follow this timeline you should be prepared, informed and on time through out the conference preparation phase. Scroll down to view all our extra tips for being an ALTMUN delegate.

1. Pick a Committee

Explore this year's committees and topics with the button below. Be ready to tell your club which committee you would like to represent.

2. Review the Country Matrix

NEW and IMPORTANT! This year each country has a specific list of committee seats. Do not assume any country will provide all 8 committee seats. The "Country Matrix" is a table which indicates the country/committee distribution. Make sure you check out the table so you know which countries have the committee you are interested in. Talk with your fellow delegates and tell your advisor

3. Position Assignment

Talk with your fellow delegates about what countries you are interested in. Make a list of your top 12 country choices and give it to your advisor. By the third full week of September your school should have received their countries. Now make sure you have an official assignment from your advisor. This means you will represent one country in one committee.

4. Submit your Delegate Form

You are officially a delegate! We need you and your parents to complete this quick form so that we have the right information before the conference. This includes a media release so we can post pictures of you on our social media and in our website gallery!

5. Read the Topic Guide

Once you have been assigned a position, read through the Topic Guide of your committee. Your Chair put a lot of effort into it.

6. Research your Country

Now that you have been assigned a country and committee, use what you learned in the topic guide to start your research. Learn your country's position on each topic.

7. Write your Position Papers

With the research you have completed, write a position paper (pp) on each of your committees topics. Don't forget to reference our writing guide.

8. Write your Resolutions

Now you understand the topics and your countries position. Next write a resolution (reso) for each topic, that outlines a potential way to address the issue

9. Documents Upload

Our system, myDais will only allow ONE document to be uploaded per student. Therefore all four of your papers (two position papers and two resolutions) need to be combined into one file. You must follow the guidelines laid out in the document guide below. Once you have your finalized combined file send it to your advisor ASAP. So they can upload your document before the Friday, October 27th deadline.


Create a Research Binder

We suggest printing out the research you find and collecting it in a binder. This will be a resource to you, not only in the writing process but for reference in committee as well. We also suggest adding a printed copy of the your own papers and the docket to your binder.

Check the Docket

Our Chairs will select a few submitted resolutions to comprise the docket. Resolutions in the docket will be the first to be debated in committee. Make sure you check the docket, you could be on it! (Dockets posted by Nov. 1st)

Write an Opening Speech

Whether you made the docket or not you should plan to put your self on the speakers list at the beginning of committee. This is your chance to inform the rest of the delegates of your countries position and what you would support in a resolution

Practice Parli Pro

Parliamentary Procedure is the set of rules that provide structure during debate. Take some time to review our Parli Pro Guide. If possible, organize mock debates in your clubs to practice these skills!

Don't Forget WBA

The dress code at ALTMUN is Western Business Attire (WBA). The following garments fall outside of WBA and should NOT be worn: strapless, spaghetti strap, or deep cut shirts, jeans, gym shoes, shorts, mini skirts or mini dresses. WBA for guys is typically at least slacks, a button down and a sports coat. WBA for girls can be less clear, so take a look at the guide below.

Consider a Staff Position

Do you know who makes the content for the conference? Each year its a new group of high school students who love Model UN just like you! We have a variety of staff positions, from the head Secretariat, to the Media Team and the Chairs. There is bound to be a position that can both excite and challenge you.


In order to be eligible for awards, a delegate must submit their four documents, two position papers and two resolutions. Get familiar with our award structure by clicking the button below.