Award Criteria

Research and Preparation

  • This can be judged through position papers or research utilized in debate
    • Delegates who are super knowledgeable about their country’s history and policies
    • Additional knowledge on the topic that isn’t present in just the topic guide

Diplomacy and Position

  • This honors delegates who take the time to understand the positions of various delegates and find those who most align with their countries position.
    • They may not end up working on a joint-resolution but they thoughtfully considered the position and resolutions of other countries 
  • This delegate is always true to their position
    • They vote in accordance to their countries believes 

Leadership in Debate and Caucus

  • This recognizes a delegate who truly moves the committee forward. While they may not be the most frequent speaker, their points and questions always progresses debate.
    • This delegate is always working whether in an unmoderated caucus or formal debate. They are not only interested in their own position but they also take the time to understand the position of their fellow delegates. 

All Star Recognition

Simultaneously represents all of the components that make a great delegate

This should be awarded to the delegate who excels as the most well-rounded out of the above elements 


This is reserved for delegates who have never participated in this Conference before.

This should be awarded to delegates who have made significant growth and improvement throughout the conference

Still considering the individual components listed above, this delegate is on their way to be recognized again in the future 



Drafting and Diplomacy

To be considered, delegations must consistently and evenly across all delegation members, submit quality amendments that build on ideas from committee, reflect deep understanding of their resolution and the topic, and advances new ideas, solutions, and theories of substance and weight, while demonstrating a respect for and consultation with the authors or contributors to various resolutions being amended.

Teamwork and Collaboration

To be considered, all delegates within a delegation are active, substantively strong participants of General Assembly, working together as a unit to advance debate in a coordinated and intentional fashion through both the amendment and rhetorical arenas. Further, these delegates demonstrate a command of leadership and diplomatic skills as they collaborate with other delegations (within the sphere of their country’s position) and strategically move the debate forward together.


To be considered, a delegation’s every spoken word – through questions or free form debate must seek to move the debate forward. Judicious and intentional in their commentary, analytical and probing in the questions, and  diplomatic, civil and zealous in their overall demeanor – the entire delegation speaks confidently and commands the respect of the room through creative and thoughtful rhetoric at every turn.

Delegation of Excellence

A delegation firmly embodying all three of those principles, in our view, will have earned the title and distinction of the ALTMUN Delegation of Excellence.