Model UN Alumni

ALTMUN HS 23 Alumni Staff

ALTMUN High School Conference | November 10th -13th | Chattanooga, TN

Click on the button below to apply to be part of the 2023 Alumni Staff, applications are due Oct. 6th.


Co-Chairs serve a supporting role to the high school Chair of each committee. They are responsible for things like keeping up with time during debates and caucuses, formatting and structuring working papers or joint resolutions, and communicating with conference staff when resolutions have passed. 

Office Worker

The office is where all the behind the curtains craziness of the conference takes place! Office workers are vital to help accomplish all the tasks that fall in the jurisdiction of the office. You could be working on a computer helping the office manager, monitoring the slack, running various object to committees, or ushering crowds.

Head Page

ALTMUN will have middle school students acting as "pages" to pass delegate notes within and across committees. The Head Page is responsible for managing this group of young students. They are responsible for keeping track of the middle school students, organizing their efforts, and filtering notes between committees.