High School Conference

November 11th - 13th

at the Chattanoogan Hotel

ALTMUN provides a high school conference that is dedicated to simulating the United Nations as closely as possible. We have a range of committees, from the GA mains like DISEC, SOCHUM and Legal, to specialized committees like UNODC, UNEP and more. We prioritize the selection of relevant real-world issues so our delegates can become more informed global citizens. The content for each conference year is created by a staff of high school students. The 2023 Staff is comprised of a Secretariat, a media team and a team of committee chairs. We are excited to host our second ALTMUN high school conference in November 2023. 


3 day conference, November 11th-13th

at the Chattanoogan Hotel in Chattanooga, TN

8 committees with high school chairs 

$65 delegation fee, $130 delegate fee


at the ALTMUN High School Conference November 11-13th 2023

at the Chattanoogan Hotel

Our dedicated high school staff aim to improve the delegate experience in every way possible. They are challenged to select well-researched and unique topics which are contemporary issues in modern-day international politics.