About Us

Who are we?

We are ALTMUN, a collective group of individuals who are passionate about providing enriching experiences through Model United Nations. Within our organization is two governing bodies, the ALTMUN Board and the High School Staff.

The ALTMUN Board

The board is comprised of adult volunteers who all participated in Model UN in their own time. We were all impacted by MUN and now wish to give back and provide opportunities for the next generation. The board oversees the organization on a long term scale. We work to upload the values of ALTMUN in all of our conferences and decisions. The board mentors the rotating group of High School Staff as they create each years content. We aim to provide an opportunity for youth development in an open but professional environment.

High School Staff

After each conference the board reviews applications and selects a group of High School Staff for the following calendar year. Our staff is comprised of three groups, the secretariat, the chairs and the media team. The secretariat is a small group of student who serve as the leadership to the staff and the bridge to the board. The chairs are assigned committees, they spend many hours researching and then writing the annual topic guides. The media team oversees the website, social media and outward communication form the conference.