Welcome delegates! We are happy to have you. Please reference this Delegate Guide we have created for your experience and understanding of our conference.

Important reminders before the conference!

  • The appropriate clothing for ALTMUN is Western Business Attire (WBA)
    • The following garments fall outside of WBA and should NOT be worn: Strapless, spaghetti strap, deep cut shirts, jeans, gym shoes, mini skirts or mini dresses. 
  • Technology is welcome at ALTMUN, particularly for resolution writing
  • Laptops will also be useful for viewing new resolutions as well as the GA docket
    • any student who does not have access to a computer can come to the office to request a printed copy of new documents
  • We recommend that delegates bring printed copies of their own position papers and resolutions for reference throughout the conference. Having a printed version of their committee docket would also be helpful
  • Full conference gatherings, meals and committee sessions do not all occur in the same building. There will be the need to walk across the Chattanooga State Campus. I strongly encourage that delegates all have winter coats as well as shoes that can be walked in without excessive pain.
    • If you must wear very uncomfortable shoes (high heels or brand new tight leather shoes) during committee, you are encouraged to bring along a pair of walking shoes to change in and out of through out the day. 
  • The daily conference schedule can be found here
  • We hope at least some of your delegates are interested in our Staff Applications! Applications will be live by the start of the conference and will be completed entirely through google forms. The due date will be about a week after the conference and interviews will take place early to mid December.