Award Criteria

Individual – Committee Based Awards

  • Recognition for Research and Preparation
    • This can be judged through position papers or research utilized in debate
      • Delegates who are super knowledgeable about their country’s history and policies
      • Additional knowledge on the topic that isn’t present in just the topic guide
  • Recognition for Diplomacy and Position
    • This honors delegates who take the time to understand the positions of various delegates and find those who most align with their countries position.
      • They may not end up working on a joint-resolution but they thoughtfully considered the position and resolutions of other countries 
    • This delegate is always true to their position
      • They vote in accordance to their countries believes 
  • Recognition for Leadership in Debate and Caucus
    • This recognizes a delegate who truly moves the committee forward. While they may not be the most frequent speaker, their points and questions always progresses debate.
      • This delegate is always working whether in an unmoderated caucus or formal debate. They are not only interested in their own position but they also take the time to understand the position of their fellow delegates. 
  • All Star Recognition
    • Simultaneously represents all of the components that make a great delegate
      • This should be awarded to the delegate who excels as the most well-rounded out of the above elements 

Delegation – GA Based Awards 

  • Delegation of Excellence
    • The criteria for delegation awards are as follows:
      • All delegates demonstrate knowledge and preparation through staying in position
      • They make substantive comments that effectively move debate
      • The delegates work as a team. All, or at least most, delegates participate in GA. There is not a singular representative of the delegation that outshines others