Alumni Volunteer Applications



Our staff structure this year is comprised of pairings between Alumni and high school students. Our MUN alumni are holding the position of Chair while our high schoolers are Vice Chairs. However, we are in need of a few Co-Chairs for the 2022 conference. Those applications are coming soon.

Staff Management

There are additional ways that alumni can be part of this program for next years cycle. Come back in November to find applications for the positions below:

Staff Managers

  • Responsible for managing the Committee Staff, as well as updating the board on the proceedings 
  • Time Commitment: 
    • January 2023- November 2023 
    • Spring:
      • Manage a group Slack channel 
      • Check In on committee Chair progress 
        • Topic selection and topic guide writing 
        • Check in with individuals
      • Organize the meetings
        • At least one Staff Manager should attend each meeting 
      • Remind committee Chairs of deadlines 
    • Fall: 
      • Manage the Slack 
      • Organize virtual group meetings for every week 
        • At least one Staff Manager should attend each meeting 
      • Coordinate with Parli Pro Teachers to guide meetings/mock debates 
    • Conference: 
      • Come hang out! 



In 2023 we hope to have high schooler holding Chair positions. With this structure we will need Co-Chairs for every committee and hope to see our ALTMUN Alumni return for the job!