Altiora peto "to seek higher things"
Model United Nations Conference System

Located in Chattanooga, TN

Middle school and high school Conferences

ALTMUN is focused on giving students meaningful exposure to international affairs and the process of diplomacy. 

We strive to arm students with practical skills through researching, writing, debating, and compromising from within and beyond our conference. 

Creating an experience which is both memorable and impactful to our delegates.

an ALTernative Model UN

ALTMUN was created by a group of adult MUN Alumni whose passion for the program never died. We formed the Board and the conference was born in 2022. ALTMUN is governed by two bodies, the Board of Volunteers and the Student Staff. 

Unlike many MUN conferences in the country, our staff are not college students, but High Schoolers. Each year’s staff is responsible for creating the content for that years conferences. We believe that when given a chance, young students can be more professional, mature and responsible than you could have ever expected. 

The goal for our high school conference is to create an authentic representation of the United Nations with a focus on current and relevant international topics. Our middle school conference is aimed at introducing Model UN to new students with a teaching style and a gradual build of information and skills.


at the ALTMUN High School Conference November 11-13th 2023


Our dedicated high school staff aim to improve the delegate experience in every way possible. They are challenged to select well-researched and unique topics which are contemporary issues in modern-day international politics.

Offering Support

We as an organization want to help strengthen the Model United Nations community. Whether that is through support of a new club, providing advisor resources or answering delegate questions, we are here for you. Never hesitate to reach out. 

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